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Who We Are?

We’re A Small Business that specialises in helping other Small Businesses in building an online presence

About Us.

Curious About us?

We are a team of Small Bosses who have experienced all your small business problems.
This quote made us realise that there is a group of people who need help but may not be able to afford the help that they need.We also happen to have a passion to help as many fellow Small Bosses as possible!
And, we hope to connect with like-minded Small Bosses so that we can help each other solve our 101 questions that we can’t find answers to about our business. 

carmen ortega

this is her story:

It was through my own entrepreneurial journey, trying to save as much money as possible by creating and designing whatever I could on my own that I discovered our passion for doing the creative and marketing work.

I know how hard it is to start up a business in a place like Singapore, where everything is so expensive. It is even harder when you’re bootstrapping and yet every single part of setting up even the smallest business can be so expensive. I know exactly how it feels like because I started the same way too.

This quote by Trevor Noah is what drives me. Small businesses are the businesses that need help and yet, don’t qualify for help. Even some, cannot afford the help that they need. Every Small Boss wants the best for the company. But can they afford it?

I started my small F&B business almost 3 years ago. I struggled and wanted to give up at every single step of the business. I had no one to turn to because nobody in my network had the same kind of experience. Even though I could get some answers from other experienced entrepreneurs, those answers were never really specific to the problems I had.

The information that I found online, specifically about small businesses in Singapore was rather general. I also found it difficult to ask people who were in our industry due to the competitive nature of the business. Not many are willing to share. And so, I would like to create the missing community that all like-minded Small Bosses need. 
Every stage of business presents a new set of challenges that we, as small business owners need to prepare ourselves to overcome. I would also like to meet like-minded small bosses who can help a fellow small boss out.
I want to make Small Bosses a community for all small bosses to hang out, exchange ideas and experiences and to help solve each other’s problems so that each one of us feels less alone. 
This Is Our


To help as many small bosses grow their small businesses as possible. and to make every small boss feel less alone as possible because entrepreneurship is a lonely journey.

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