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Should you, as a small business owner be marketing in this CB period?

Today, 7th of April is the first day of the Circuit Breaker Measures in Singapore kicking in. Which means that many “Non-essential” businesses have ceased operations from today till 5th of April. We all, as small businesses owners must have taken a hit (big or small) since the Covid 19 outbreak. We’re struggling to keep our businesses alive.
On one hand, you need more sales to bring in the revenue to pay your rent, your staff, to feed your family, pay your bills, pay for your car. On the other hand, you’re not sure if more marketing will actually bring in more customers because people should not even be encouraged to go outside.
And so, many businesses have sponsored social media posts: to get your last dinner, last party night out, 1 for 1 promotions and all these other marketing campaigns. To me, I totally understand that need to bring in whatever sales that we can get to help businesses pull through. But it is also rather unethical because in marketing, we also have to be socially responsible. We need to be aware of the message that we are sending out to our followers, our customers. Your customers need to know that you care for them, that you care for their well-being and not just for your own revenue.
Yes, you should be definitely marketing on your social media accounts during this CB Period because people are consuming more content than ever. They are trapped at home with nothing much except their internet connection and phones. 
But how?!
If your business is an essential service, and is open,
  1. You need to market to stand out from the crowd. Because everybody will be trying to get customers to go and buy from them.
eg: Why is your delivery package better than the others? Why should people order from you instead of the others?
  1. How your products can help them to stay in and yet get your products/services in the most convenient and cost effective way
If your business is closed, 
You need to be sharing content with your loyal followers
  1. People need positivity in this negative period. So share positive messages, tell your followers what you have learnt, what you are grateful for during this pandemic
  2. Share a way that your followers can be entertained/ educated/ informed by a way to use your product/service at home
eg. If you sell games, share with them a tip/ hack of playing the game that people don’t know!
  1. Share tips on how to stay safe, stay in, stay away from the virus
  2. Share tips on how to better use the time at home than to live in fear and complain
  3. Or you could even engage with them by asking them to recommend you the movies that they are currently watching right now
It could be anything at all. And you can use this time to engage with your followers.
Yes there are many who have posted content like these. But your followers haven’t heard it from you, their favourite brand! Or you can tweak it that it resonates with your brand/product or service. It could be your own take/ views on the current Covid 19 situation.
So, YES, even if your business is closed during this CB period, you should still continue to use this time to engage your followers because inactivity will cause you to lose them. You need to use this period of time to build your brand and identity. It will show your brand’s spirit and build brand loyalty. You want your followers/customers to remember you after this crisis. You want them to look forward to buying from you/ visiting you once the crisis is over. Take this time to build up that anticipation.
As Albert Einstein said, “ in the midst of every crisis, lies a great opportunity.” You just need to know how to see it and use it.
Do not leave your social media accounts dead before the Coronavirus is dead!
If you can’t think of any ideas and need help with your social media accounts, talk to us. We’ll be happy to help.

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